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WTJ3600TKT passenger boarding ladder (hand-pushed) main technical parameters table

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The boarding ladder has light weight, easy operation, flexible and smooth steering. It is suitable for 1-2 staff members to push the aircraft in close proximity, and can be pulled by baggage tractor for longer distances, so it is especially suitable for medium and small terminals and large international airports and airlines with parking apron work areas.
The flight ladder is provided with four hand-cranked support legs. Enhanced stability and safety in use; Enhance the stability of passenger elevator docking under high wind.

Product standard
1) MH/T 6029-2014 Passenger Boarding Ladder
2) CCAR-331SB-R1 "Civil Aviation Administration of China Order No. 170"
3) CCAR-140 "Civil Aviation Administration of China Order No. 191"

Main technical parameters table
Overall dimensions (L × W × H) mm (excluding canopy) : 6965×2230×3650
Platform size mm: 2000×1400
Ladder body armrest height mm: 1170
Front suspension mm: 525
Rear suspension mm: 1290
Wheelbase mm: 4030
Wheel base mm front/rear: 900/1550
Foot center distance mm front/back: 1990/1990
Total vehicle weight kg (excluding canopy) : 1780
Front wheel load kg: 1010
Rear wheel load kg: 770
Ladder level: 18
Allowable speed km/h Maximum towing speed: 20
Maximum operation speed: 3
Channel circle Outer circle diameter mm: 14000
Departure Angle (°) : 5
Approach Angle (°) : 33
Maximum tilt Angle of ladder body (°) : 39
Inside width of ladder body mm: 1300 (ladder body) 1120 (tail ladder)
Step height (platform 2640 ~ 3600) mm: 140 ~ 200
Height adjustment mode: step parallelogram displacement type
Pedal size mm: 300×1120
Moving door travel mm: 1150
Working platform lifting height mm: 2640 ~ 3600
Platform carrying capacity (per unit) : 6
Tire size: 4.00-8
Minimum ground clearance mm: 160
Number of passengers on the stairway: 33
Ladder artificial thrust N: ≤300



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