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Hand-pushed Passenger Stairs

WTJ3600TKT is a kind of non-motorized passenger elevator developed by our company. It is beautiful, lightweight and practical. Adopting the principle of parallel four-sided row, it can be adjusted stepless according to the height of the aircraft door. No matter how it is adjusted, the pedal and the upper platform are always in a horizontal position, and have a continuous ladder body. The height of the passenger ladder platform from the ground is 2640 ~ 3600mm. Applicable to A318, A319, A320, A321, B707, B727, B737, DC-8/40/50F, DC8-61/61F, DC8-62/62F, DC8-63/63F, 1L-18 and other series of passenger aircraft, but also can be used as a working ladder for the aircraft crew. As a hand-pushed non-motorized passenger ladder, there is no vehicle chassis and engine, so there is no fuel filling and maintenance costs and greatly reduce the cost of car purchase, economic and durable. And because of the slow speed of manual operation, docking aircraft door safety, at the same time no noise, no pollution. The passenger ladder itself is light in weight, light in operation, flexible and smooth in steering, suitable for 1-2 staff in close proximity to the aircraft to push, longer distance can be towed by baggage trailer, so it is especially suitable for medium and small terminals and large international airports and airlines with parking apron working area.
Product Description

Model:Model WTJ3600TKT Hand push passenger Stairs


Main technical parameters

Serial Parameter name parameter
1 The carrying capacity of the whole ladder 33 people
2 Maximum tilt Angle of ladder body 39°
3 Safety factor of ladder against wind tipping during operation 0.73
4 Safety factor of the whole ladder against wind tipping when parked 0.9
5 Maximum tilt Angle of ladder body 39°
5 Overall dimensions of the vehicle (length × width × height) 6500×2230×3650
6 Platform size 2000×1400
7 wheelbase 4030
8 Wheel pitch Front wheel pitch 900
Rear wheel pitch 1550
9 Total vehicle quality 1780kg
10 Ladder series 18
11 allow
Maximum towing speed 20km/h
Maximum operating speed 3km/h
12 Pedal height 140-200
13 Channel circle outer circle diameter 14000mm
14 Departure Angle 5°
15 Angle of approach 33°
16 Maximum tilt Angle 39°
17 Height adjustment mode Step parallelogram displacement formula
18 Walking mode Push or pull by hand
19 Working height of passenger elevator car 2640~3600
20 Tyre specification 4.00-8/5.00-8
21 Minimum ground clearance 160mm
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