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What Are The Advantages Of Kitchen Garbage Trucks?

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With the increase in the number of garbage trucks around us, we gradually distributed various types of garbage trucks, and various garbage trucks were born. The most obvious one is the kitchen garbage truck. The kitchen garbage truck is mainly used to collect kitchen garbage trucks. The use occasions are concentrated in restaurants, hotels, restaurants, canteens and other places. So what are the advantages of the kitchen garbage truck?

The garbage collected by the kitchen garbage truck is mainly liquid, food and other residues. Its water content and organic content are high, and it is easy to rot and stink bacteria and parasites in a short period of time. Greatly polluted the environment. Therefore, such garbage cannot be collected together with domestic garbage. The disposal methods of urban garbage are usually disposed of by incineration and landfill. If urban domestic garbage and food waste are collected together, the treatment method must be incinerated or landfilled due to catering. The moisture content of garbage is often as high as 90%. The calorific value can not only meet the heat requirement of waste incineration power generation, but it will cause insufficient combustion to produce dioxins. If it is landfill, the same food waste is not easy to handle, and it will lead to A lot of organic matter is wasted, so it is necessary to treat the food waste separately. Therefore, the role of the kitchen garbage truck is significant!

The treatment method of the kitchen garbage truck is to slowly transport the barreled kitchen waste (drinking water) through the conveyor belt of the car, and pour it into the compartment at the top of the car. The discharged garbage is squeezed by a strong push plate in the tank. The solid-liquid separation is realized in the body, and the separated liquid enters the sewage tank at the bottom of the tank body, and the solid waste is compressed and stored in the tank body, and the volume becomes small, so that it is repeatedly loaded and sent to the kitchen garbage resource for optimization treatment. The entire process is automated, reducing manpower. Rational use of the organic matter, also plays a great role in the protection of the environment!



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