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Aircraft Safe Docking System

Aviation ground support equipment is often affected by such factors as sight, weather, specific position, human, work efficiency and other factors in support of aircraft operations all the time, which brings many economic losses.
Product Description


Aviation ground support equipment is often affected by such factors as sight, weather, specific position, human, work efficiency and other factors in support of aircraft operations all the time, which brings many economic losses. It is a potential risk that threatens the safety of civil aviation aircraft. It happens that the equipment bumps into the plane from time to time. With the wide application of new materials (new composite materials) in new aircraft and the rapid development of civil aviation industry, the harm of contact impact to aircraft is becoming more and more serious, so it is very important to solve this problem.

It is clearly put forward by IATA that when the ground support equipment of the contact type airport is docked with the aircraft, the safety deceleration monitoring system should be installed to enhance the reliability and safety of the equipment to the aircraft so as to avoid the contact impact as far as possible in 2016. It is clearly stipulated for aircraft damage prevention requirements in the International Civil Aviation Transport Association Airport Handling Manual that: GSE equipment manufacturers should continuously improve their equipment design in order to eliminate the possibility of aircraft damage. The National Civil Aviation Administration Safety Supervision Office and Beijing Capital Airport have taken the lead in introducing new performance standards for special vehicle safety protection devices. According to the relevant safety regulations and operational requirements of IATA and the Civil Aviation Administration, Jiangsu Tianyi Aviation Industy Co., Ltd. has been actively developing and designing intelligent automatic safety counter system. After careful design and repeated testing for more than a year, the sample TY-ASD was produced in May 2017. As a high-end technology developed independently in China, it has good safety performance, sound  operation performance and reliability of 100% through one year’s simulation of use. At present, the TY-ASD system has passed the technical evaluation of safety and reliability performance by the Computer and Microelectronics Development Research Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information of China, and its safety and reliability meet the operational requirements. At the same time, the technology has obtained four national invention patents (Patent No.: 201711263034.X ; 201721664894.X;).

TY-ASD customized and developed for airport ground equipment can effectively improve the safety of various airport equipment to aircraft process and prevent accidents. It is especially suitable for aircraft passenger elevator, baggage conveyer, platform lift vehicle, airplane food vehicle, passenger boarding vehicle, deicing vehicle and so on.

The system uses 3D sensor to detect the position of cabin door, collects speed signal and throttle signal for logic control, and realizes the control of over speed warning, alarm, throttle speed limit and automatic brake by professional control software.


The 3D sensor collects the information of obstacle distances in the upper and lower height range of 4m, the width of 1.5 m in left and right. The angle of the sensor field is 95x32, and the detection laser beam is 1024 beams. Any laser beam can measure the distance, and the nearest distance is calculated and processed at a speed of 0.1S. The speed information is read from the vehicle gearbox and the ABS controller through the bus. The control software realizes the logic control of the vehicle system according to the speed signal and a large amount of distance information of the 3D sensor. At the same time, the electric signal output by the controller can control the brake pressure through the solenoid valve so as to play a brake role and control the speed. The display shows the information of speed, distance, early warning and alarm.

Access to aircraft surveillance areas: When the distance from the aircraft is more than 2 meters but less than 5 meters, the control vehicle advances by low speed of 5km/h. The outside dichromatic warning light flashes the green light, and the ground commander can know the condition of the vehicle by the warning light.

Access to the landing area: When the distance from the aircraft is less than or equals to 2 meters, the automatic braking speed is controlled around 0.7 km/h advancing with low speed, and the trichromatic warning light flashes yellow light. When the speed exceeds 0.5km/h, the display warning icon will light. When the speed exceeds 0.7km/h, the red icon of display will light. The buzzer sound will remind the driver that the vehicle will brake automatically to control the speed below 0.7km/h.

When there are obstacles 0.3 meters from the front of the vehicle, the vehicle can stop automatically, and it can stop at distance about 0.1 meters or so. The red light of the trichromatic warning light flashes outside, and the display of yellow warning and red “STOP” icon light up at the same time, and the buzzer keeps alarming.

The system adapts to various climatic environments other than heavy rain and fog, and it is not affected by climatic conditions. Neither the scorching sun nor the dark night will affect the normal use of the TY-ASD system.

The software development of TY-ASD referred to the specification design requirements of European Mechanical Instruction (EN13849), and its system has been tested tens of thousands of times. The braking stop distance is controlled within 0.1 m, and its success rate is 100%. TY-ASD is widely used in all kinds of aircraft types, especially for new aircraft such as A380, A350, B787, C919, ARJ21, B737max.

Aircraft Safe Docking System

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