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Towed Air Start Unit

Units can be trailer mounted for towing or truck mounted on a suitable chassis (consult factory). Multiple compressor selections accommodate various aircraft requirements.
Product Description

Part 2 GMU series Air-starter

Towed air start unit


Completely self-contained diesel powered, continuous flow air start unit for jet engine starting and air conditioning using the onboard air cycle machines (Air Pacs). Airflow is provided by a integrated dry screw compressor/gear-set for oil fee air delivery riven by a Cummins Diesel Series 60 engine with diesel and jet fuel compatibility. Endurance in air conditioning mode: approximately 8 hours of continuous operation per full fuel tank.


Units can be trailer mounted for towing or truck mounted on a suitable chassis (consult factory). Multiple compressor selections accommodate various aircraft requirements.


Proven design

● Robust high-pressure direct coupled screw compressor

● Electronically controlled FADEC diesel engine

● Demand sensitive output regulation

● Steel support frame on heavy- duty running gear (trailer version) and sound insulated aluminum body panels

Easy to Operate

● Simple lighted operator panel mounted on unit near discharge valves

● Automatic controls for auto-start and regulation of rpm & pressure for selected mode


● Direct-coupled engine to integral compressor/gear-set requiring no clutches, external gears or pulleys

● Less moving parts equate to lower maintenance costs

● Idle and Air Con mode offer significantly less fuel burn in standby and during Air Pac operation

● Significantly less cost than running the aircraft APU


● Designed to endure the rigors of the airport environment

● Easy access to all components for maintenance

4. Performance

● GMU 200 Nominal Output - Jet Start: 200ppm (5448 kg/h)

● GMU 100 Nominal Output - Jet Start: 100 ppm (2729kg/h)

● Nominal Output Press. - Jet Start: 40 psig (276 kPA)

● Nominal Output Press. - Air Con: 30 psig (207 kPA)

● Approx. Delivered Air Temp. : 200±10° C

5. Environmental

● Operation Temperature: -40° C to + 52° C

● Relative humidity 0-95%

6. Control

● Electric with 24VDC Control Voltage

● Airflow regulation via linear actuated bypass valve with stainless steel diaphragm

● Lighted Operator panel with large push buttons and switches

● Low voltage control box for maintenance and diagnostics

7. Main facilities


● GHH Rand high pressure air cooled dry screw

● Integral gear-set and lubrication system


● Cummins Diesel Series NTA(6CTA8. 3 for GMU100) with FADEC

● Turbocharged 4-stroke, inline 6 cylinder

● Diesel and Jet Fuel Compatible

8. Protection


● High discharge air temperature

● Low oil level

● Low oil pressure

● High oil temperature


● Over speed

● Over crank Starting Protection

● High Water Temperature

● Low Oil Pressure

● All unit safeties are disabled in Jet Start mode to prevent premature shutdown during and engine start attempt.


● Engine low oil pressure

● Engine high water temperature

● Engine over speed

● Check Engine and Stop Engine

● Low Fuel Warning Beacon

9. Configuration

Model Output(Jet Start Mode) Length

(mm) Width

(mm) Height

(mm) Weight


GMU100 100 lb/min (2729kg/h) at 40 PSIG (276 kPa) 5500 1850 2400 3. 7

GMU200 200 lb/min (5448 kg/h) at 40 PSIG (276 kPa) 5600 1850 2500 4. 7

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