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What Special Vehicles Are Needed For Civil Airports?

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Service passenger vehicle

Ferry trucks: Some airports have a large number of aircraft, and the number of aircraft is small. The capital required to build a plane is large, so almost two-thirds of the aircraft stays in the far position and needs to be transported by the airport shuttle bus.

Passenger Elevator: The aircraft passenger elevator is an airport-specific equipment for passengers to get on and off the aircraft. In order to timely and effectively support the flight in an emergency, the passenger car will be driven into the apron 60 minutes before the peak of the daily flight, and the passenger car will be driven off the apron after the flight ends.

Handicapped Passenger Elevator: A special equipment used to assist disabled passengers to get on and off the aircraft. With the help of the disabled passengers, wheelchair passengers and seriously ill stretchers, the opportunity to board the plane "as a flat" has improved the airport's "accessibility" service level and embodies the humane care of the airport.

Baggage transfer car: Economy class can allow each passenger to bring a certain amount of baggage, excess or large baggage, you need to check in at the check-in, that is, where the boarding pass is changed. The task of “moving” the baggage is done by the baggage transfer car. The main function of the baggage transport car is the conveyor belt. The conveyor belt can be adjusted according to the height of the cabin door. As long as the baggage is placed on the conveyor belt, the baggage will automatically go up and down.

Aircraft support vehicle

Aircraft Tractor: It is a kind of support equipment for the movement of short-range tractors in the airport. Unlike cars and ships, most aircraft do not have a "reverse" function. When an aircraft is parked in a covered bridge or a parking space, it is not allowed to pull on the runway by itself. It is necessary to steer the vehicle at this time. The rearward direction of the aircraft is completely controlled by the trailer. When the tractor pushes the aircraft to the proper position, the aircraft "starts" to start. Compared with the aircraft, the tractor is small, but it can propel a 50-70 ton aircraft.

Baggage tractor: Also known as baggage trailer, it is used to transport baggage, cargo, mail, etc. to the parking space or the baggage and cargo sorting area. The baggage trailer uses a traction mode that can pull up to 10 cars.

Water truck: Drink water for the aircraft and carry tons of water. Small and medium-sized aircraft with a transit time of less than 1h will be in place within 5 minutes after the passengers are all off the aircraft; 20 minutes ahead of the departure time. Large aircraft with a transit time of more than 1h will be in place within 15 minutes after the passenger leaves the aircraft; 30 minutes ahead of the departure time.

Food truck: It is a ground special vehicle for airport passengers to distribute aviation food. The free lunch or free drink that everyone enjoys on the plane is transported to the aircraft by this type of vehicle. For example, the food vehicle for the Airbus A380 aircraft catering service, the weight of the car is more than 4 tons, the body length is nearly 9 meters, the box moves more than 4 meters, and the lifting height is more than 8 meters. It can be said that the airport special vehicle lifts the height. No hegemony."

Fuel truck: It is a vehicle that is fixed between the air station and the apron at the airport to fix fuel on the aircraft. There are two types of fuel trucks, one is a tanker truck, which is equipped with more than 10 tons of fuel, and has a fueling arm on it. It can pump 4000 liters in one minute. The other is a hydraulic bolter, which puts the airport fuel supply system in The oil supply bolt on the apron is connected to the fuel hole of the aircraft, and the oil can be filled for an aircraft such as a Boeing 747 within 10 minutes.

Ground power car: powered by the vehicle before it is parked on the ground, used to start the engine, lighting and air conditioning. The ground power vehicle generator set uses 400Hz and 115V, which is consistent with the power generation frequency of the aircraft generator.

Air-conditioned car: also known as aircraft ventilator, used to provide clean cold air or hot air of given pressure, temperature and humidity to the aircraft electronic equipment cabin, cockpit and passenger cockpit when the aircraft engine is stopped. The performance and reliability of electronic and electrical equipment.

Garbage truck: The aircraft-specific garbage truck is not the same as the garbage truck we saw in the city, but there is no qualitative difference, because the functions of the garbage truck are the same. The garbage truck at the airport is used to load the aircraft. Special vehicles for domestic garbage. According to the shape, it can be divided into a swing arm type garbage truck, a hanging bucket type self-loading garbage truck, a compression garbage truck, a carriage removable garbage truck, and a sealed dump truck.

Dedicated Deicing Vehicle: It is a special vehicle for removing frost, snow and ice from the fuselage, big wings, flaps, tails and landing gear in winter or in snowy weather. Ice, snow, etc. attached to the fuselage will increase the weight of the aircraft, which is not conducive to aircraft flight safety. Deicing of the landing gear and other parts is to ensure the safety of the aircraft when taking off and landing. In the deicing vehicle, there is deicing liquid benzene glycol, which can be directly sprayed and defrosted, ice, etc., thereby eliminating flight safety hazards.

Bird-repelling car: The airport is equipped with a multi-functional bird-removing car. The car is “bearing” with two barrels, one long and one short. The long-barrel cannon is called a "gas cannon", which can make a loud sound to "warn" the surrounding birds; the short-barrel cannon is called a "bullet cannon", which needs to be filled with ammunition, which is specially used to deal with large birds that are aggressive. In addition, there is a special "sound gun" on the bird-riding car. The bird-mounted signal generator is installed on the car. The operator can choose the sound of fear according to different birds. No matter what "cannon", it is actually an "air cannon", which has only a shocking effect on birds and has no lethality, which is in line with ecological requirements.

Field road protection vehicle

Snow sweeper: In the city, if it snows, in addition to the snowmobile, people will also take out tools such as shovel to sweep the snow on the street. However, at the airport, the use of a general snowmobile or shovel can damage the runway, so there must be a special snow sweeper. This snow sweeper will not damage the road and will also accelerate the melting of the road area. Such vehicles are used in airports in northern China, but in order to prevent a large range of snowfall, southern airports are also required.

Road roller: The road roller is mainly used to flatten the special vehicle in the soil area of the flight area, especially the take-off and landing runway of the aircraft.

Sweeping Car: A dedicated vehicle that is responsible for cleaning the runway of the aircraft and the runway of the aircraft taxiing area.

In addition to the rubber car: because of the weight of the aircraft, the tires will have a lot of friction with the airport runway during take-off and landing. In the long run, a lot of rubber from the tire will remain on the runway of the airport. The rubber-removing car is a special vehicle specially designed to remove tire rubber on the runway.



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