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Passenger Boarding Stairs

TY-KT58 is a special vehicle designed and manufactured by our company for boarding and disembarking passengers. The product is suitable for A300, A310, A318, A319, A320, A330, A340, B707, B727, B737, B747, B757, B767, B777, B737MAX, DC8, 1L -- 18, 1L -- 62, MD11, MD80 except Airbus A380 aircraft Such as the use of models, the product is self-propelled, the hydraulic transmission system, the vehicle is simple and safe, the platform lifting height 2400mm ~ 5800mm, the product lifting range is wide. Low center of gravity, good stability. Convenient operation, reasonable structure, advanced technology, beautiful appearance, reliability, good maintainability.
Product Description

Model:TY-KT58 passenger boarding Stairs

Vehicle detailed parameters

Test item parameter
Quality of maintenance kg 9000
The front axle carries mass  kg 4500
The rear axle carries mass kg 4500
Maximum speed  km/h 45
Total length mm 7600
Total width mm 2430
Total height (running condition) mm 3730
wheelbasemm 3190
Wheel base (front/rear)mm 2000/2000 forward stretch forward stretch
Forward extensionmm 90
Front overhang  mm 1720
Rear overhang  mm 1850
Minimum ground clearance  mm 160
Channel circle outer circle diameter mm 17500
Angle of approach  (°) 6
Departure Angle  (°) 5
Angle between platform and horizontal plane  (°) ≤± 3.5
Longitudinal passage Angle  (°) 10
Anterior leg center distance  mm 2140
Center distance of hind leg  mm 2140
Leg longitudinal distance (front/back)  mm 993/4495
Ladder series Fixed ladder 14
Movable ladder 13
Stern step —
step Pedal width mm 1500
Vertical plate height  mm 190
Pedal length  mm 275
Effective pedal length  mm 275
Ladder tilt Angle (°) 29~39.5
Platform lifting height  mm 2400~5800
Fixed ladder Inside width of ladder  mm 1500
Handrail height  mm 800
Movable ladder Inside width of ladder  mm 1500
The handrail is high  mm 900
On the platform Platform width  mm 2030
Platform head  mm 2840
Guard height  mm 1100
Travel of movable platform  mm 420
Transition platform long  mm 575
wide mm 1500
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