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Aircraft Passenger Stairs

JSTY5080KTE aircraft passenger stairs are equipped with a widened chassis and four leg cylinders to stabilize the chassis; Adopt domestic famous brand Ningde times battery to provide electric drive, hydraulic drive to adjust the height of the platform, automatic control to simplify the operation process; High efficiency anti - contact sensor to ensure the safety of docking with aircraft
Product Description

Model:aircraft passenger stairs


Product standardIATA AHM 920 Motorized passenger elevator function details
MH/T6029-2003 Civil Aviation Industry Standard of the People's Republic of China - Passenger boarding Stairs
EN12312-1 Specific requirements for aviation ground equipment -1 passenger boarding ladder
GB/T 18488-2006 Motor for electric vehicles and its controller
GB/T 24347-2009 DC/DC Converter for electric vehicles
GB/T 18384-2001 Safety requirements for electric vehicles
GB/T 18487-2001 Conduction charging system for electric vehicles
GB/T 20234-2015 Connecting devices for conductive charging of electric vehicles
Communication protocol between non-on-board conductive chargers and battery management systems for electric vehicles
DB11/Z993-2013 Technical Specification for Electric Vehicle Remote Service and Management System
AC-137-CA-2015-20R1 General Technical Requirements for Ground Service Equipment for Electric Aircraft
IATA AHM913 Basic Safety Requirements for Aircraft Ground Equipment
AC-137-CA-2020-01 Technical Requirements for Aircraft Ground Service Equipment On-board Safety


Main performance indicators:

name parameter name Model number
Height range of passenger elevator 2400~5800mm Energy storage assembly L228C01
Platform size (L x W) 3300mm x 2810mm Energy storage unit CB230
Size and number of steps   
       Sliding ladder (L x W x H)
285mm x 1500mm x 192mm, Grade 12 Driving motor HCDM030HP2
Fixed ladder (L x W x H) 285mm x 1500mm x 192mm, Grade 15 Drive motor controller HC30LKPIC-K21-V1-TY
Maximum slope Angle of ladder body 38.5° Oil pump motor HCDM007MG1
Minimum ground clearance 200 mm Oil pump motor pump controller HCDM007CL1
Channel circle outer circle diameter 18200 mm Hydraulic pump GHP2A-D-12-FG
wheelbase 3400 mm Lift cylinder JSTY5080KTE-0404000
Front/rear wheel base 2000 mm Telescopic cylinder JSTY5080KTE-0207100
Overall dimensions (L x W x H) 7770mm x 2400mm x 3650mm Supporting leg cylinder JSTY5080KTE-0101250
Total vehicle quality 6500kg chassis JSTY5080KTE-1000000
Rated bearing capacity (100 people) Axial axis 3000000-HY450Z
Load per step 225kg(3 persons) Drive shaft 2400000-HY455
Front axle load 3500kg(narrow platform), 3600 (Wide platform) tyre 215/75R17.5
Rear axle load 3000kg(without awning)    
Maximum speed 30km/h    
Minimum stable speed 0.5 km/h    
endurance Small airports: 121km+61 times
       Large airports: 124km+60 times
       Medium airports: 124km+62 times
Driving motor power 60kw    
Assembly voltage 347.76 V    
Total energy stored Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Pack, 60.16kwh    
Temperature range


Battery energy density 157.18 wh/kg    
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