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Diesel semi - drive Airport ambulift electrical and hydraulic systems

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Diesel semi-pilot Airport ambulift is suitable for all kinds of models with door height between 1400 and 5800㎜

Electrical system

1, mainly including the body lifting, support foot retracting, rear platform lifting control and special lighting instructions and other circuits.

2, the system is composed of operation box, operation panel, control switch, relay, lighting, marking light and so on.

3, the electrical circuit uses the preconceived, priority control of the interlock circuit. Only after the completion of one way, can the other operation be carried out. The system is 24V DC control system, using imported waterproof switch, relay and proximity switch; It is composed of main control, upper control and tail control, and realizes various actions of the cylinder by controlling the reversing of the solenoid valve.

4. The system is composed of two sets of operations, which can be operated in the body and in the body, and an emergency engine shutdown device is set. When the body is lifted, the bottom of the body is equipped with a flashing light warning.

5, relays and switches are made of brand-name products, switches with rainproof, dustproof measures

6, the use of traditional relay control circuit module

7. The circuit of the instrument panel is connected to other parts through an integrated socket for easy repair and maintenance

8, the capacity of the battery is ≥120AH, and is equipped with a matching charging generator to meet the requirements of the engine starting and other electrical equipment system, and indicate the performance indicators of the generator

9, all controls and instructions should be arranged reasonably, line number identification is clear, with Chinese labels, and can adapt to the needs of night work

10, electrical components, all kinds of insurance, switches with moisture-proof, waterproof, heat-resistant and anti-electromagnetic interference function.

Hydraulic system

1, the hydraulic system is composed of force extractor, oil tank, gear oil pump, electric pump, manual pump, solenoid valve, hydraulic cylinder, etc., through the electrical system to control the action of each hydraulic cylinder, to achieve various functions of the vehicle.

2, the main power adopts the gear pump, driven by the engine operation, the output shaft of the force take-up drives the transmission shaft, the transmission shaft drives the oil pump, so that the oil pump works and outputs the working oil.

3, emergency use of hand hydraulic pump operation.

4. The main hydraulic components are imported European and American famous brand products.

5, four hydraulic support foot set reasonable, lifting weight is greater than the total mass.

6, lifting cylinder, equipped with inspection valve and low limit valve, and equipped with hydraulic lock. Hydraulic cylinder spender with hydraulic lock.

7, hydraulic pipe in addition to the active parts, the rest of the use of metal hydraulic pipe.

8. Hydraulic control: The hydraulic control and oil circuit control of the rear platform and car body lifting shall be arranged independently (that is, the control elements of the above control actions and the hydraulic pipeline control are not shared), and the hydraulic output is reasonable.

Diesel semi - drive Airport ambulift



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