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Passenger stairs (hand-pushed) main technical parameters

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Passenger boarding ladder (hand - pushed) as a hand push type passenger boarding ladder. Because it is a self-made chassis, no engine, so the purchase cost is low; Because there is no need to fill fuel, the use cost is reduced; Because the functions are manual operation, low incidence of failure, so the maintenance cost is low; The hand-pushed passenger stairway has the advantages of no noise, no pollution, safety of docking aircraft door and so on.

Product standard
1) MH/T 6029-2014 "Passenger Stairway"
2) CCAR-331SB-R1 "Civil Aviation Administration of China Order No. 170"
3) CCAR-140 "Civil Aviation Administration of China Order No. 191"

Main technical parameters table

Parameter name parameter
The carrying capacity of the whole ladder 33 people
Maximum tilt Angle of ladder body 39°
Safety factor of ladder against wind tipping during operation 0.73
Safety factor of the whole ladder against wind tipping when parked 0.9
Overall dimensions of the vehicle (length × width × height) 6500×2230×3650
Platform size 2000×1400
wheelbase 4030
Wheel pitch Front wheel pitch 900
Rear wheel pitch 1550
Total vehicle quality 1780kg
Ladder series 18
Maximum towing speed 20km/h
Maximum operating speed 3km/h
Pedal height 140-200
Channel circle outer circle diameter 14000mm
Departure Angle
Angle of approach 33°
Maximum tilt Angle 39°
Height adjustment mode Step parallelogram displacement formula
Walking mode Push or pull by hand
Working height of passenger elevator car 2640~3600
Tyre specification 4.00-8/5.00-8
Minimum ground clearance 160mm

Passenger stairs (hand-pushed) main technical parameters



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