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TY-A180 Towed Aircraft Ground Air Start Unit

Units can be trailer mounted for towing or truck mounted on a suitable chassis (consult factory). Multiple compressor selections accommodate various aircraft requirements.
Product Description

TY-A180 towed aircraft ground air start unit (diesel vehicle-mounted) is a new type of diesel aircraft air source unit produced by Jiangsu Tianyi Aviation Industry Co.,Ltd, which is mainly used to provide compressed air to the engine start or air conditioning system of large and medium-sized airplanes as the special equipment on the ground of airports.The unit adopts self-made towed chassis, M1015CP-LA G2B working engine produced by North China Diesel Engine Co., LTD., and air compressor produced by Wuxi Tin Compressor Co., LTD. The maximum air supply pressure is 43PSI, the aircraft air supply flow is 180PPM, and the maximum speed is 25km/h.


1、Product Standards:

IATA AHM 905 Reference Material For Civil Aircraft Ramp Support Equipment
IATA AHM 910 Basic Requirements For Airport Ground Support Equipment
IATA AHM 913 Basic Safety Requirements For Airport Ground Support Equipment
IATA AHM 915 Calibration Control
IATA AHM 916 Basic Requirements For Operating Airport Equipment
AC-137-CA-2016-03 Inspection Specification of Aircraft Ground Air Source Units
AC-137-CA-2018-05 Inspection Specification Of Airport Special Vehicle Chassis
GB/T 32084-2015  Aircraft Ground Diesel Engine Air Source Unit
GB/T15487 Volumetric Compressor Flow Measurement Method
GB 1589 Limits For Road Vehicle Dimensions, Axle Loads And Mass
GB 7258 Safety Technical Conditions For Motor Vehicle Operation


2、Main Performance and Technical Parameters

Chassis Manufacturer Jiangsu Tianyi Aviation Industry Co.,Ltd
Model Self-made
Compressor Manufacturer Wuxi Tin Pressure Compressor Co.,LTD.
Model CT0901
Operating Engine Manufacturer North China Diesel Engine Co., LTD
Model M1015CP-LA G2B
Power  (Kw) 384
Rated RPM (r/min) 1800
Max.Gas Supply Temperature  (℃) ≤220
Operating Temperature Range (℃) -20~50
Operating Voltage (V) 24
Overall Dimension(L×W×H)  (mm) 5500×2050×2550(Tow bar up)
Max.Gas Supply Pressure   (PSI) 43
Aircraft Air Supply Flow   (PPM) 180
Curb Weight  (Kg) 8300
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