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Baggage Belt Loader

TY-XC80 bulk cargo loader is a special vehicle independently designed and manufactured by our company. The main assembly of this model adopts the configuration of mature automobile products at the corresponding level at home and abroad, with reliable performance and easy maintenance.
Product Description

Model:TY-XC80 baggage belt loader

Product standard
Reference material for IATA AHM 905 Station support equipment for civil aircraft
IATA AHM 910 Airport ground support equipment Basic requirements
IATA AHM 913 Airport ground support equipment Basic safety requirements
Technical specification for IATA AHM-925 Self Drive Conveyor Loader
MH/T 6030-2014 Bulk Cargo Loader
AC-137-CA-2015-17 Specification for testing bulk cargo loaders

Main technical parameters table

Diesel engine Cummins type Four - stroke, water - cooled, non - direct injection, overhead valve engine Speed changer Transmission type Single - stage, two - phase, three - element synthesis
Maximum power kW/r/min 36.5/2500 Gear number and speed ratio Forward 1 gear I: 2.187 Reverse 1 gear R:2.235
Maximum torque N·m/r/min 186/1100~1700
Minimum fuel consumption g/kw·h 224 Maneuvering mode Automatic shift
Cab type enclosed Number of passengers 1
Total length mm 8140 Total width (excluding cab) 2100
Total height (without warning lights total height/including warning lights) 1960 Maintenance weight kg 3700
Front axle weight (no load) kg 2500 Rear axle mass (no load) 1250
Wheelbase mm 3000 Wheel base (front/rear) mm 17020/1680
Approach Angle (º) 11 Departure Angle (º) 16
Maximum speed km/h 25 Minimum ground clearance mm 165
Conveyor belt width mm 700 Transfer speed m/s 0.16~0.5
Conveyor belt front-end lifting range mm 1170~4330 Conveyor belt rear end lifting range mm 520~1540

Main configuration

serial Part Name Model
1 chassis Homemade chassis
2 bridge Self-made left hand drive
3 engine QSF2.8
4 gearbox Y43280E
5 Front bridge JSTY530
6 Rear axle JSTY13014
7 Gear pump CBHZ-F25
8 tyre meridian
9 Conveyer belt 700mm
10 Combined instrument HZB908
11 Emergency hand pump TY. 602.013
12 Hose assembly BL80B.620
13 Hydraulic pump TY. 602.014
14 Solenoid valve TY. 603.017
15 Steering gear TY.603.021
16 Belt drive motor TY.602.015

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