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Aircraft Conveyor Belt Loader

JSTY5040JCSE bulk cargo loader (electric type) is a new type of pure electric airport ground equipment designed and manufactured by Tianyi Corporation for loading and unloading baggage, light cargo and mail in and out of the aircraft cabin. The whole machine adopts self-made electric drive chassis, frequency conversion stepless speed regulation. Main accessories are selected famous brand products, high reliability, advanced technical performance, complete functions. Pure electric energy saving performance is superior in line with the demand for green environmental protection; The product has beautiful appearance, wide lifting range, wide application range, simple, safe and advanced design can meet the current use of all domestic aircraft models.
Product Description

Model:aircraft conveyor belt loader

Main performance indicators:

Serial name parameter
1 Vehicle length × width × height (mm) 8200×2150×1990
2 Wheelbase (mm) 2900
3 Wheel base front/rear (mm) 1730/1680
4 Approach Angle (°) 10.5
5 Channel circle outer circle diameter (mm) 16200
6 Departure Angle (°) 31
7 Longitudinal passage Angle (°) 20
8 Total vehicle mass (kg) 3240
9 Maximum speed (km/h) 25
10 Minimum stable speed (km/h) 0.5
11 Driving range (km) 255
12 Endurance (large airport) (km+t) 203+300
13 Endurance (medium airport) (km+t) 199+297
14 Endurance (small airport) (km+t) 197+297
15 Driving motor power (kw) 30
16 Energy storage device assembly Ningde era (kwh) 60.16
17 Discharge energy density PED=157.18WH/KG
18 Conveyor belt frame length (mm) 8200
19 Conveyor belt width 700
20 Top end 4300
21 Front end minimum 1100
22 Highest back end 1530
23 Lowest back end 480
24 Total weight of conveyor belt for flat transmission (kg) 1080
25 Angle maximum gross weight per piece (kg) 400
26 Transfer speed (m-s) 0.16-0.5
27 Applicable temperature condition -35-65
28 Minimum stable speed 0.5

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