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Introduction To Container Dolly

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Container vehicles usually use a combination of car trains. This combination is semi-trailer, full-hanging and double-hung, with semi-trailer trains. The semi-trailers that make up the container car train are available in both flat and skeletal styles. The loading position of the flatbed semi-trailer is a flat cargo platform, which can be used for shipping containers, and can also be used for loading ordinary long and large pieces of goods, and the vehicle is used more efficiently. The loading position of the skeleton type semi-trailer is the chassis skeleton of the cargoless platform. After the container is mounted on the vehicle and fixed by the twist lock device, it also becomes a strength member of the semi-trailer. Skeleton semi-trailers can only ship containers exclusively. It has the advantages of small weight, simple structure and convenient maintenance. According to the structure, the container semi-trailer is divided into two types: straight frame and gooseneck. Straight-frame semi-trailers are suitable for containers with flat-bottom construction; gooseneck semi-trailers are containers that are specially designed to carry a grooved bottom structure to reduce the loading height.

A special transport vehicle that carries containers. A twist lock device for fixing the container is provided at the four corners of the loading portion. It is usually semi-mounted, fully-mounted and double-mounted, with a semi-trailer type. The semi-trailer type has a flat type and a skeleton type. The former has a flat cargo platform, and can also be used for shipping ordinary long goods. The latter has no cargo platform. The container is mounted on the chassis skeleton and fixed by a twist lock device to become a semi-trailer. Strength component.



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