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Aircraft Lavatory Truck

JSTY5070GQS aircraft lavatory truck is composed of Qingling second-class chassis modification assembly, water tank cleaning assembly, lifting platform assembly, hydraulic system, electrical system and so on. (optional fixed platform)
Product Description

Model:aircraft lavatory truck

Product standard
1) MH/T6014-1999 "Aircraft Clear Water Truck"
2) AHM970 "Functional Specification for Aircraft Clean Water Vehicle"
3) AHM913 Basic Safety Requirements for Aviation Ground Equipment
4) AHM915 Standard Control Device
5) AHM910 Basic Requirements for Aviation Ground Equipment
6) CCAR-137-CA-R3 Regulations on the Management of Special Equipment for Civil Airport
7) AP-137-CA-2015-02 Inspection Measures for Special Equipment of Civil Airport (Trial)
8) GB3847-2005 "Exhaust Smoke emission Limits and Measurement Methods of Compression-combustion Engines and Compression-combustion engines for Vehicles"
9) GB20891-2014 "Emission Limits and Measuring Methods of Diesel Exhaust Pollutants for Non-Road Mobile Machinery (Stage III and IV of China)"

Main technical parameters table

serial Project Name Specific parameters Part Name Model
1 Total length (mm) 7265 Bottom plate QL1070A5KAY
2 Total width (mm) 2140 engine 4KH1CN5HS
3 Total height (mm) 2295 transmission MSB-5SM
4 Wheelbase (mm) 3815 Hydraulic pump CBN-F50-NFHL
5 Wheel base (front/rear) (mm) 1504/1425 Water pump SCB65-20/50
6 Front suspension (mm) 1010 Force extractor SDQ51/74LGS-G
7 Rear suspension (mm) 2440

8 Clean water chamber volume L 4000

9 Approach Angle (°) 22

10 Departure Angle (°) 8

11 Minimum ground clearance mm 200

12 Channel circle outer circle diameter mm 17000

13 Maintenance weight kg 4160

14 Maximum driving distance (km/h) 80

15 Maximum operating speed km/h 50

16 Water supply flow L/min ≥150

17 Water supply pressure Mpa 0.25-0.40

18 Water pump material Stainless steel corrosion resistant pump

19 Platform lifting height mm 380-3740

20 The maximum load of the platform is kg 200

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