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Electric Baggage Conveyor Belt Loader braking system

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JSTY5040JCSE Baggage Conveyor Belt Loader(Electric) The body is welded from high-strength steel. Chassis covered, removable. Tianyi self-made chassis, chassis mounted with four hydraulic legs. The chassis consists of transmission, steering, braking and cab. Through the motor controller, the drive system controls the variable frequency speed regulation drive motor as the prime power, and transmits power through the main deceleration drive axle, rim and tire. Drive motor controller and drive motor, using famous company products; Suspension with longitudinal leaf springs. Steering system by electric hydraulic pump through the full hydraulic steering, driving the steering hydraulic cylinder to control the front wheel steering. The braking system is an electric vacuum pump to provide vacuum assisted braking, front disc and back drum type, dual pipeline hydraulic braking system. Wide application, simple, safe, advanced design can be applied to B747, B757, B767, B777, DC-10, MD-11, A300, A310, A320, A330 and other models of safe use.

Service braking adopts dual circuit hydraulic braking, front and rear independent braking, front disc, rear drum braking, vacuum power braking at high speed when the braking distance is not higher than 8M. It is mainly composed of brake master cylinder, hydraulic booster, front and rear axle brake, parking brake and so on.

Braking system: hydraulic power steering system provides good braking performance for the whole vehicle.

1. Front and rear axle braking

The front and rear axle brake adopts the double-lead shoe brake. When the brake drum is rotating forward, the brake with both feet as the lead shoe is called the double-lead shoe brake. The actuator of the brake adopts two single-piston brake wheel cylinders, and the upper and lower reverse arrangement. Its advantage is high braking efficiency; When the car is moving forward, the controlling force can be significantly reduced, and the force between the brake drum and the wheel is balanced, so the friction plate wears evenly.

2. Parking brake

Parking brake adopts rear wheel parking brake system. When the parking brake system is used, the manual brake lever is pulled by the hand brake connecting rod, the hand brake line, the hand brake balance bracket, and the left and right wheel brake line to pull the parking brake lever, so that the rear wheel brake shoes are opened, so as to play the braking role. The parking brake indicator lights up after the handbrake is engaged.

Main parameter

Vehicle length × width × height (mm) : 8200×2150×1990 (including alarm lights)

Wheelbase (mm) : 2900

Total vehicle mass (kg) : 3240

Front axle mass (no load) (kg) : 2300

Rear axle mass (no load) (kg) : 1400

Range (km): 255

Power Pack battery (kwh) : 60.16kwh lithium iron phosphate battery

Conveyor transmission speed m/s: 0.16~0.5

Total weight (kg) when the conveyor is flat: 1080

Maximum total weight of conveyor belt (kg) : 600

Maximum single weight (kg) : 400

Charging time (h): 0.6

Charging pile power (kw): 90

Electric Baggage Conveyor Belt Loader braking system



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