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What are the main components of JSTY5180JSPE Aircraft Catering Truck chassis

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Aircraft Catering Truckk is a special vehicle used for various types of aircraft catering. The structure of the vehicle is mainly composed of chassis, support foot structure, lifting device, car body, working platform, refrigerated unit, electrical system and hydraulic system

Dynamic system
The drive motor adopts Suzhou Green Control GC-TM1300-01 permanent magnet synchronous, the peak torque and peak power of the motor are 750NM and 185kW respectively, and the maximum speed is 3500rpm, which fully meets the power requirements.

Battery system
The energy storage device is lithium iron phosphate battery (new energy of Ningde era), with energy storage of 246kWh. According to the two-layer design, they are arranged on both sides of the longitudinal beam of the frame.

Five-in-one integrated control system
Using the five-in-one high voltage integrated control system independently developed by Qingling, the power adaptation of multiple parts systems is integrated into the same controller, centralized cooling and management, which is easy to arrange the vehicle. At the same time, it has the power supply function of DC-AC, DC-DC, oil pump, air pump, air conditioner, etc. The voltage platform of the vehicle high voltage system is 615V, the high voltage plug-in has the function of anti-error insertion, the DC-DC module and the top air conditioner have their own pre-charging road, and the intellectual property rights are fully owned.

Introduction to motor assembly of top oil pump
The motor assembly of the oil pump adopts 30kw permanent magnet synchronous motor and 9kw oil pump, the speed of the oil pump is 1200rpm, and the original low voltage scheme is retained.

What are the main components of JSTY5180JSPE Aircraft Catering Truck chassis



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