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Aircraft tractor model example

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A/S32A-31 aircraft tractor

The A/S32A-31 aircraft tractor is a six-wheeled tool vehicle with an operator seat on the left side of the tractor. This type of tractor uses dual rear transmissions and the front wheels are controlled by a three-speed automatic transmission. The engine is a three-cylinder two-stroke cycle diesel engine with an automatic four-speed gearbox and a reverse gear. The tractor has a hydraulic power assisted mechanical steering system. Once the hydraulic system loses pressure, the steering is maintained by the mechanical connection of the steering wheel to the shaft. The brakes of the tractor are also hydraulically controlled and mounted at the end of the rear axle. The towing hooks are mounted to the front and rear of the tractor.

This type of tractor uses a 24V power system as its power source for start-up, lighting, and engine protection. A carrier-based starter can also be installed at the rear of the vehicle. The tractor tank supplies fuel to the shoulder unit, and the control panel of the starter is located to the right of the towing unit operating position. When the starting device is not installed, the drive wheel is loaded with the counterweight to achieve the rated traction.

MD-3 aircraft tractor

The MD-3 aircraft tractor is used to tow all aircraft carrier aircraft. The tractor is an autonomous device with 8 500 pounds of drawbar traction on a dry, horizontal surface at a speed of approximately 1 mph. The two tractors can be used in tandem to accelerate the movement of extreme loads (brake lock, puncture, etc.).

The main power unit of the tractor is an internal combustion diesel engine with a four-stroke cycle and six cylinders. The steering system is hydraulically supported and the working brakes are compressed air. The total mass of the MD-3 tractor is 12,000 pounds. This equipment requires personnel with certification qualifications to operate.

There are several improved versions of the currently used MD-3 tractor. Some tractors are equipped with a gas turbine compressor at the rear, known as the MD-3A or MD-3B tractor.



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